Panamericansaurus, translated!

Yep. In following the footsteps of the Polyglot Paleo site, I’ve begun translating the papers that have so far been untranslated. The first one is Panamericansaurus. Why Panamericansaurus you might ask? Welp, I’m just working through the entirety of Titanosauria at the moment, so I’m just going from advanced to basal.

I’m assuming you are interested in this paper, fair enough, here you go:

In PDF form: file:

In Google Docs form:

Original Citation: Calvo, J.O. & Porfiri, J.D. (2010). “Panamericansaurus schroederi gen. nov. sp. nov. Un nuevo Sauropoda (Titanosauridae-Aeolosaurini) de la Provincia del Neuquén, Cretácico Superior de Patagonia, Argentina”. Brazilian Geographical Journal: Geosciences and Humanities research medium 1: 100–115.


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